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1. Consultancy Services

ACFPCL through consultancy services offer several benefits, including access to specialized knowledge and skills, objective viewpoints, external perspectives, and the ability to leverage best practices. Our work closely with FPOs/SHGs/Co-operatives to ensure that the solutions align with their goals and objectives.

What ACFPCL offer :-

  Providing strategic advice

  Offering assessments & recommendations to FPOs/SHGs/Co-operatives

  Research and Analysis

  Human Resources Consultant

  Marketing and Branding Consultant

2. Market linkage

The goal of ACFPCL through market linkages service is to enhance market access, facilitate the flow of goods services and information from producers to consumers, improve efficiency, and ultimately increase income and profitability for all participants (FPOs/SHGs/Co-operatives) in the value chain.

What ACFPCL offer :-

  Assessment and Analysis of the market

  Identification of Market Opportunities

  Networking and Partnerships

  Value Chain Mapping

  Buyer-Seller Meet

  Market Access Strategies

  Quality Control and Assurance

  Price Negotiation

  Market Promotion and Marketing

3. Incubation / Training

ACFPCL through Incubation/training offers a range of resources, services, and mentorship to FPOs/SHGs/Co-operative , entrepreneurs, including physical office space, access to funding, business development guidance, networking opportunities, and more. Our goal is to accelerate the growth of FPOs/SHGs/CBOs/ startups by providing them with the tools and support they need to develop their products, refine their business models, and become self-sustaining.

What ACFPCL offer :-

  Business Idea Evaluation

  Skill Development


  Business Planning

  Product Development

  Time-Limited Support

  Monitoring and Feedback

  FPO Dialogue

4. Livelihood Cluster

ACFPCL through Livelihood clusters promotes economic growth, job creation, and poverty reduction. They can play a vital role in strengthening local economies and improving the overall quality of life for communities such as FPOs/SHGs/Co-operatives.

What ACFPCL offer :-

  Provide training for skill development

  Building partnerships & collaboration within the cluster to
share resources, knowledge & market opportunity.

5. Financial Facilitation

ACFPCL through Financial facilitation provides support, guidance, and resources to FPOs/SHGs/Co-operatives , individuals, businesses to help them access and manage financial services effectively. The goal of financial facilitation is to enhance financial inclusion, promote responsible financial behavior, and improve overall financial well-being.

What ACFPCL offer :-

  Access to Financial Services

  Guidance and Advice regarding Finance

  Linking to Resources

  Promoting Financial Inclusion

  Supporting Entrepreneurs and Businesses

  Economic Empowerment

6. Technology Services

ACFPCL through Technical services provide range of specialized support and expertise in various fields to assist FPOs/SHGs/Co-operatives, individuals, , organizations in solving technical problems, implementing projects, and achieving specific goals. These services often require specialized knowledge, skills, and resources to address complex technical challenges.

What ACFPCL offer :-

  Agri-tech promotion & implementation

  FPO management through software

  Provide Digital Identity to FPOs

  Dedicated e-commerce portal for FPOs/SHGs/Co-operatives products

  Promotion of drone technology in farming

7. Facilitate Govt. Scheme

ACFPCL helps bridge the gap between the government and the intended beneficiaries, ensuring that the benefits of the scheme reach the target audience effectively.Facilitating a government scheme involves assisting FPOs/SHGs/CBOs, & communities in accessing and benefiting from various government programs, initiatives, or services.

What ACFPCL offer :-

   Application Assistance

   Documentation Preparation()

   Registrar of Company(RoC) compliances

   Monitoring and Tracking

   Advocacy and Awareness

8. Compliances Services

Through Compliance services ACFPCL do a range of activities, strategies, and processes designed to help FPOs/SHGs/CBOs and organizations adhere to relevant laws, regulations, standards, and industry best practices.

What ACFPCL offer :-

   Regulatory Analysis

   Policy and Procedure Development:

   Reporting and Documentation:

   Industry-Specific Compliance

9. Agri-value Chain Development

Through Agri-value chain development ACFPCL aimed at enhancing the efficiency, competitiveness, and sustainability of the agricultural sector by optimizing the entire value chain—from production and processing to distribution and consumption.

What ACFPCL offer :-

   Value Chain Mapping

   Linking Stakeholders

   Market Access

   Infrastructure and Logistics improvement

   Monitoring and Evaluation

10. Other Services to FPOs / SHGs / Co-operatives (Community Based Organization )

  Consultancy On Infrastructure and Facility Creation
  Creation of Business Sourcing
  Institutional Linkages and Communications
  Quality Assurance
  Legal and Institutional Compliances Management
  Linking The Activities with Government Scheme
  Opportunity Support

11. Services Offered to Farmers through FPOs (Farmers Producer Organisation)

  Innovative Agri-practices
  Input Support
  Value Addition(Grading and Processing)
  Agri-Innovation & Dissemination
  Backward and Forward Market Linkages
  Training & Capacity Building
   E-commerce portal