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Office Address

507, BDA Complex Shivaji Nagar, Bhopal-

Phone Number

+0755 2767785

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1. Volunteer

Volunteering offers a wide range of benefits, not only to the organizations and communities you serve but also to you as an individual.

Benefits to you as a Volunteer :-

   Sense of Fulfillment:

   Personal Growth


   Enhanced Resume

   Community Engagement

Send your CV : acfpcl@gmail.com

2. Career

Certainly, a career in ACFPCL can be diverse and rewarding, offering a range of opportunities in various domain from farming and production to research, management, and more. Here are some potential career paths within the field of Agriculture

What Position we offer :-

   Agribusiness Manager:

   Agricultural Educator

   Policy Analyst

   Quality Control


   Rural Development Specialist

   Back Office Support

Send your CV : acfpcl@gmail.com